Sunday, October 30, 1977

Sunday, October 30, 1977


I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days.  I was debating on whether or not to go to Seattle this morning to see the Seahawks play the Buffalo Bills.  I decided to go and I am glad I did.  I got to the stadium at about 12 Noon.  People were pouring in to see OJ Simpson.  As I walked inside I thought about the Tampa Bay game that I got to watch with my parents.  Underneath the screen sat the Neah Bay Red Devil team.  It was the first time I sat with someone I knew at a game.  Seattle won the game

As I walked in the 100 level door I was looking for the first men’s room.  There it stood, right in front of me.  Ah! Relief at last.  Who was walking out as I walked in?  None other than Stevie Cunningham.  We talked a bit, found out where each other sat, I asked who else was here, and he told me.  We finally ran out of things to say, so he departs and I tend to my business.  I went in and sat down.  I looked up over my left shoulder and spotted the team. I went up and talked to Ron Markishtum for a couple of minutes.  I then went back to my own seat and enjoyed watching Seattle clobber Buffalo 56 – 17! It was nice to see members of the team since I missed their game Friday night.  They lost to Quilcene and are now 0 – 8, but they aren’t that bad a team.  I am looking forward to their homecoming against Joyce.  The fireworks at work will come later. 

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Monday, October 24, 1977

Monday, October 24, 1977

          I continue writing about the summer’s events.  But first let me talk about the day’s events.  I had two mid-term tests today, one in Marketing, and the other in Art.  The first test came in marketing.  There were 25 fill in the blank questions.  I found 21 of them were easy, I answered partially and skipped the other 2.  They are worth 3 points apiece.  The essay question was worth 25 points.  I completely blew this.  It asked for an explanation of McNeal’s consumer behavior mode.  What I used in my essay was the wrong model, as I found out after class. This is a test to forget.  The Art test was postponed until Wednesday.  My other classes are Management and Intermediate Accounting.  The Accounting class isn’t going all that great. I am finding textbook accounting not all that great. Back to summer.

I was home from U.P.S. before school at home was out.  The letterman’s club had their banquet; instead of giving letters each participant received a small statuette.  A trophy for MVP, Inspiration and Coaches Award was given in each sport.  The cheerleaders gave Mom a trophy for her support and I got a plaque for my support.  Melonee received a number of trophies.  —

Graduation was the next big event.  It was a very small, seemingly uncomfortable group of graduates.  Ollie Kallappa began with a few words, barely heard because of the PA system.  James Allen followed with a nervous but fine speech.  And Judy Ray, the class Valedictorian delivered a very moving speech, the best I have ever heard.  Marshall Cutsforth was the guest speaker.  He was accompanied that evening by his son Chris who, although wearing a neck brace for injuries received in a car accident, still commanded considerable interest from Mel and Lawanda.  Chris wanted to see his former classmate, Mark and Lester, but as Crystal Ray states so frankly, “Mark saw how tall you were and was ashamed,” or something of that nature.  Kimm Brown and David Morton were Junior Marshals and they looked sharp in their black tuxes.  Mr. Bigelow felt they went a little over board.  Loy was there and she really looks good.  She has lost some pounds and she made me feel ashamed.

I went to work soon after.  I found myself in an overcrowded office.  Patty Buckingham, Janet Tollerud, Ron Markishtum, Kibby Lawrence and Mark Thurston were all working in the accounting department.  There was really nothing for me to do.  Work was quiet for most of the year, but fireworks came later.  I will write about this tomorrow.

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March 9, 1977 to October 23, 1977

 Wednesday, March 9, 1977 – I have taken a long vacation from writing in my notebook.  A lot has happened and I can’t possible write it all down.  After the spring term of 1976 finished, I of course, went home for the summer.  We took a month’s vacation to the East.  We pulled our newly purchased Nomad Trailer.  We took Kathy Tibor to her new home in Spokane.  Though she could not remember where her house was.

We stopped and visited the Scott’s in their new home in Michigan.  Patty Smiley and Rick were there also.  The Smiley’s, Lynn, Russ, Brian and Charlene accompanied us, partly on the way to Washington D.C.  We stayed just outside of Pittsburgh, where I was mistaken for being Brian and Russ’s father! We had a nice visit with the Redihoughs.  We departed for Missouri where we had a nice stay with the Erwins.  We kidded Scott for Soy Sauce and Danny for Christmas in May.  We spent the bicentennial 4th of July there.  Before leaving D.C., we visited Philadelphia and of course the Liberty Bell.  We finally left for home!  Outside of Denver we saw the movie Ode to Billie Joe, very good. In Oregon at a night stop Mel was mistaken for my wife, Sharon our daughter.  We were all anxious to get home, for Henry Jr. was born while we were away.  Dale had given a boy to her husband.

I went to work at the accounting office in the Makah Tribal Office.  This is where I hope to make my career.

I became a season ticket holder for the Seattle Seahawks.  Since their beginning I have not missed any of their games.  I have either seen them live or on TV.  I again will be a season ticket holder this year.

Neah Bay got a new coach this year.  His name is Ron Johnson.  I think he has helped turn the sports program around, with help from Mark Hottowe his assistant.  The football team won only one game, but it was the first win in 2 years.  The team finally got to play on their home field, the first time in 3 years!  And lights were installed!  This came about with the work of Ron Johnson. The team looked like a team, played like a team and acted like a team.  There were a few breakdowns, as to be expected, but with a little luck they could have had a .500 season.  Wait ‘til next year.

The fall brought me back to U.P.S. I of course did not mass but one Monday night game.  People probably think I’m crazy, but high school sports really turns me on.  Of course, other things besides football took place last fall.  Of note were 2 marriages.  The 1st was Jim Jarrett’s marriage to Michele Evans on September 16th, I believe.  Jim was ready but I don’t think Michele was ready for marriage.  She is very young, and maybe a bit too restless to settle down.  Her actions over these past few months seem to indicate this.

The second marriage was my sister Lynn’s marriage to Don Swan.  They have lived with each other for almost a year it seems, and though it is Lynn’s 3rd try, I think this is going to work.  Don gets a long great with the rest of the family, this being something to think about, for neither Mom nor Dad approved of them living together, neither did I for that matter.  Don is a great person, and I’m sure he and Lynn will be together a long time.  I only wish the best for them.

The wedding was October 4th.  On October 5th on my way back to U.P.S. I was in a car accident.  It was a no fault affair, no one was hurt, though I had a sore neck, back and a headaches for weeks.  The Maverick was in the shop for weeks and I took the LTD to school.  While I had it, I had a rip-off experience to do with the wiper system.  This cost us about $80 for a bad switch that was only $4.

I, of course, am living in our trailer.  Though it is lonely at times, I enjoy the solitude.  My attitude is 100% better than last year.  I do have this problem, fat, but I’m working on it.  The trailer was flooded 3 times.  Twice when the water pump broke and once when the pipe burst when the weather froze.  I was hit and the trailer was knocked off its stands, while I was inside.  It scared me to death.  It is also going to cost $189 to get it fixed.  I bungled the situation, by not calling the police.  The man gave me a false name, so now our insurance is going to have to pick up the bill.

So far this year I have had the muffler fall off, the alternator go bad and the thermostat go bad.  The more things that go bad the more I learn about the car.

A very sad and tragic event took place last winter.  Two of the nicest young people, married, were taken from us, due to an automobile accident.  It happened on Thanksgiving Day.  I was still sleeping when Mel came in and told me that there was a car accident, that Neil Parker had died and they didn’t know if Starre was going to make it. As it turned out both had died on impact.  It was all too hard to believe, too much to take.  I was by myself for most of the day.  Mom was with Uncle Gene, Mel was at practice and Dad was working on something. This kind of loss is incomprehensible.  You never know when death is going to strike close to you.  It is harsh, merciless.  It never makes sense.  The question is always, “Why?” The question never seems to be answered adequately.  This time, death brought twice as much sorrow.  Two families suffered much, much pain.  The funeral was held in the high school gym.  It was a closed casket ceremony, a very sad day.  The town was very close that day.  Feelings ran deep for both families It is still hard to believe they are gone.  They were loved so.  Why?

It is so hard to write about such things.  Feelings are so hard to put on paper.  But one must go on. So let me now turn to Basketball.  The season was good for the boys and even better for the girls.  The boys finished 4th in the league (out of five teams).  But this earned them a spot in the league tournament.  Their first game was against Clallam in Clallam.  They lost to Clallam by 8 points.  It was their 5th loss to Clallam.  But according to everyone it was the best game Neah Bay played all year.  I wasn’t there to see the game.  One of 3 I missed.  I volunteered my services to keep the score book.  (still at it in 2011!) And keep the score I did.  Three games a night for almost 20 games.  I liked the experience; it kept me close to the teams and to Mel of course.  The second round of the Tourney was held in Port Angeles.  We played Quilcene.  It was our 3rd meeting; they had beaten us twice, by healthy scores.  The loser of the game was out.  We didn’t lose.  We beat Quil by 4 points.  It was the best game I ever saw the team play.  Unfortunately the spell did not last.  For Clallam overwhelmed us for a sixth time, and earned a birth to district, and consequently to State.  There they lasted only 2 games.  Mr. Harold Van Riper’s career as the Bruin coach had ended.  Chimacum lasted for 2 games.  Our boys ended the season 9 – 14, Fair!

The girls ended the season tied for second with Quilcene.  They had beaten Quil at home, and a win against Quil in Quil would have given the girls a playoff game with Pt. Townsend for the right to go to district.  They lost to Quil by having a very bad game.  Had they hit 30% of their 81 shots they would have wiped Quil out.  As it was they hit less than 20 %.  They played a good game the next night against Chimacum but fell short. This set up a playoff against Quil on Monday for the right to play Pt. Townsend on Tuesday.  This was their 3rd game in 4 nights.  Again they were cold.  It was a good game, but Quil prevailed.  Quil and Chimacum worked their way through district and met each other for the right to go to state.  Chimacum lasted 3 games at state.  Next year there will be a girl’s B tourney only.  I think Neah Bay will be there.  Ron Johnson did it again!  I can’t wait until next year.

I took classes in education, math and economics.  I passed them all, but not with flying colors.  My classes this semester are much more interesting.  I took Makah Language from Ethel Claplanhoo for Winterim and this was great!  This semester’s course includes Law & Society, Econ. 102, Math 257 and Person Growth and Self-Development.  This schedule is interesting for me.  I hope the PG & SD class helps.  I think it has.  Coming home last Sunday, I believe I talked Maria’s ear off.  I opened up to her.  She listened to me and I thank her very much.  God Bless Maria, she deserves it so.

I have become an Uncle for the 5th time.  Don Swan, Jr. was born on March 8th, all 8 lbs. of him.  Sharon is very excited as are Lynn and Don, the proud parents, I am sure.

Thursday, March 10, 1977

          I had almost an hours talk with Mrs. Solie today.  I was merely going to drop off my report and grade for Makah Language.  The discussion turned from the Language, to Mom’s drum, to Mrs. Solie’s pictures, to the political happenings in Neah Bay.  It was a very interesting talk.  One I enjoyed very much, especially my participation.  I am slowly starting to open up a little.  I was looking forward to my class in Self-Development and Persona Growth.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled.  There I was ready to talk, and no class!  I have been feeling very good the past few days, the best I have felt in weeks.

I now have rubber bands in my mouth.  They keep me from opening my mouth very wide.  How lucky everyone else is!  Tomorrow is a big test in Law & Society, and then off to home to see my new nephew!

Sunday, March 13, 1977

          I am back from my weekend visit at home.  There were no problems with the car, coming or going, unbelievable!  The highlight of my visit was, of course, seeing my new nephew, Donald Steven Swan, Jr.  He will be called Steve, Stevie etc… He is such a cute, handsome looking baby.  He is already very strong, and very attentive with his eyes.  His hand and feet are big and he has long arms and legs.  This seems uncharacteristic of either parent.  But, he is beautiful! Don, Lynn Sharon and Steve make on very happy family.  Lynn is a bit sore; naturally, she has a hard time getting around.  Mom and Dad now have more grandchildren than children.  Mel and I have no children yet!  The family stands at 13, and the boys outnumber the girls 7 – 6, finally we are in the majority.  Steve was born late Tuesday, March 8, 1977 a very happy event for our family.  On this day Luke Markishtum died of a heart attack, a very tragic event for the whole community.  Services were held yesterday at the High School gym.  Luke will be missed.  Today I took off the snow tires.  On the way back I ran into hail, snow, rain and sleet, of course!

October 23, 1977

          I have taken another long vacation from writing in this book.  Once more I shall try to write faithfully.  I am now a junior in college.  It hardly seems possible but the time isn’t going by fast enough. The summer of ’77 has passed.  So much has past by, so much has happened.

Ethel Claplanhoo died in June.  She taught me Makah Language in January.  What was ironic, and maybe prophetic was that she was reading “Final Days, the fall of Richard Nixon.” Ethel had cancer of some kind.  She was operated on in April.  Her chance of surviving the operation was only 50/50.  She came out of the operation with her life.  But all the cancer was not removed.  It spread once again until if finally took her life.  She was at home after her operation and she had to be waited on hand and foot.  The last time I saw her alive she was sitting on an easy chair in her living room.  She was in her bedclothes and was covered by many blankets.  She looked so bad.  I was very sad and depressed when I left.  We talked for about a half an hour.  She did not mention anything about the physical pain that she had to endure.  Her only pain, the thing that hurt more than anything was being waited on.  She had for all her life served others.  She cooked for her family gave them company, she taught the Indian ways, she was “Gram” to everybody, and everybody loved her, and she loved everybody.  I never told her I loved her, but I think, I hope she knew.

Ethel was the central figure of her family.  Her loss had a devastating effect on the rest of the family.  Neah was hit the hardest to begin with.  She was probably closest to her. Ethel was in the hospital for a couple of days before she died.  Neah, Helen, Idella, Margo and their families were there.  I visited the hospital 2 days before she died.  All those people who were there, all waiting for death, all trying to act normal when this was all but impossible.  I talked briefly with Big Jim.  Mom talked to Helen; I went from the hospital to Aggies’ where Neah was.  I talked to her from the lobby phone.  She talked to me about all the good times they had, the good life her Mom had and she was going to miss her so much.  It was a very moving talk that brought me to tears.  Afterwards, Mom and I talked to Big Jim.

Two days later Ethel had died.  When I was at the hospital only her relative’s could see her.  The last time I saw her was in her living room.  I was a pallbearer at her funeral.  That was the saddest day of my life.  Having to bury such a close friend, to have death strike such a close, loving friend.  It just didn’t seem real, but it was all too real.  The dinner afterwards was very reassuring, for all Ethel’s friends and loved ones.  Afterwards I talked with, rather briefly went through and met the closest family members.  Big Jim, Neah, looking so frail, small, she has lost so much weight, she looked so hollow, but I love her.  Helen, Idella, Oscar, Moe, Amy, Lucy, Jerry, Lois (Raye) who broke into tears when I came to her, she told me how much Ethel loved me, as Neah had said. Steve was standing tall and giving everyone someone to lean on.  Michele and Jim were last in line; I shook their hands and left the hall in tears.

Neah was the hardest hit to begin with.  But, Helen who lived with her Mom, a long with Jerry and Mark had a hard time moving back to their home, their Mom’s home. I talked with Neah once a week for two weeks after the funeral.  I finally got the nerve to visit her.  She was in bed, so I sat and talked with Jim and Jim for 30 uneasy minutes.  I finally left realizing she didn’t wasn’t to see me.  I called her a couple of days later and she wouldn’t speak tome I was cared.  She called me Monday after Makah Days.  I talked to her in person at the first football game.  I was so relieved to see her and talk to her. I wrote her and intend to write her again soon.  The loss was felt by everyone.  We will all miss her so much, Ethel I love you.

I will write later on the rest of the summer

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April 19 to May 19, 1976

Monday, April 19, 1976 – Spent a nice Easter weekend at home.  Punkin (Mary Lee) had her first Easter egg hunt.  Dale is big, and her baby is due in July.  Lynn lost her baby, miscarriage on April 6th.  Mel’s horse is ready to foal anytime now.  A friend is in the hospital today to get an abortion.  I am praying for her, I hope she’s all right.  Amy Dannel may be pregnant. I hope the best for her also.  Mike wrote yesterday, telling me of his “love” for Mary.  Must write back.


Tuesday, April 27, 1976 – Went to Mel’s track meet last Saturday, April 24, 1976.  I took time for the 5th place runner in each race.  Saw Kevin Kozak for the second straight weekend.  He and his Mom, Jo Anne, are back in Clallam Bay. After Jo Anne separated from Mr. Willard. Judy Buckingham and Judy Ray were at the meet; their 1st of the year Judy B. won the 100 while Judy Ray almost won the mile.  If she had pulled outside of the Clallam runner when she made her move she would have won.  The girls won the 880 or 440 relay and the mile relay by a good margin Mel came in third in the 880, with a very good finish.  Went to Seattle for weekend.  I saw Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox” very funny movie.  Sunday saw the Sonics down the Sun’s to pull up to 2 & 3 in their best of 7 series. I hope they win tonight.  Handed in a 12-page report on John F. Kennedy today.  I am having problems in my math class.  I have failed almost every test.  What am I going to do?  Finished the book All Creatures Great & Small by James McDermott.  Since last summer I have read, The Tower, The Glass Inferno, Jaws, Runway Zero – eight, QB VII, The Godfather, and Lenny Bruce.  Have started reading All the Presidents Men for a second time.

Thursday, May 6, 1976 – I have finished All the President’s Men. This book reveals some very startling revelations about the Nixon administration.  Nixon’s men did not seem very bright. Books I failed to list above were One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Sometimes A Great Notion.

I am looking forward to the track meet this Saturday.  Last Saturday, Neah Bay had a fair day.  In the Junior High Brian Gagnon came in this in the 80 low hurdles an event won by Stevie Cunningham.   Stevie came in second in both the 100 and the 220.   Stevie is going to be some athlete.  I just hope he stays in Neah Bay.  Lewis Allen came in 3rd in the shot and 3rd in the discuss.  Dell Greene came in 5th in the shot.  Rounding out the field for our High school boys was Wendell Cooke.  He won the shot and discus while coming in at 4th in the javelin.  Kevin Kozak, competing for Clallam had thirds in the 120 high hurdles, triple jump, 180 low hurdles and 5th in the long jump.

The day as far as I’m concerned belonged to our girls. Judy Ray won the 80 low hurdles, while Lawanda Johnson came 6th.  Judy Buckingham won the 100.  Judy Ray wiped out Riedel of Clallam in their rematch from last week in the mile.  Judy R., Lawanda, Mel and Judy B. took the 440 relay.  Melonee came in second in the 880.  She finished 3rd in the 880 the week before.  This week she kept pace with Riedel of Clallam.  As they came upon the final turn Mel and a Joyce girl, Swegle started their moves.  Swegle died out and finished 3rd.  Mel passed Riedel and had a few steps on her as they came to the finish line.  Just before the finish Mel suddenly stopped, Riedel saw her chance, stepped up her run and won the race.  As it turned out, Mel didn’t know where the finish line was.  When she slowed down, she though she had passed it.  I told her we’ll have to put Lester Moore there next time, to make sure she knows.  That my just happen, Mom can do it.  Judy B. won the 220, while Neah Bay with, Judy B. Lawanda, Mel and Judy R. won the mile relay.  Billy Parker may help the girls; I can’t wait ‘til Saturday.


Sunday, May 9, 1976 – Everyone did as expected yesterday at the track meet.  Mel finished third in the 880; she had some physical problems and was never really in the race.  Lawanda finished a surprising second in the 80 low hurdles.  Judy R. won her mile, Judy B. the 100.  Judy B. did not run the 220, but instead of the first four qualifying for sub-district in the meet yesterday, as I thought, the coaches will meet, take the best times or distances and fill eight lanes for track events, and I believe 8 qualifiers for field events.  The times and distances will come from all the previous meets.  The girls won both the 440 and mile relay and a very nice fashion.  Stevie had a very good day again.  Sub-district next Thursday!


Wednesday, May 19, 1976 – Everybody on the team qualified for District last Thursday, May 13th.  Judy Ray had the best effort of the day when she won the 80 low hurdles.  Lawanda came in second in the event.  Judy B. finished 3d and 4th in the 100 and 220 or vice versa.  Judy Ray came in fourth in the mile run and Mel 4th in the880.  Our relay teams came in second to Pt. Townsend in the 440 and mile relays.  Wendell came in fourth in both the shot and discus.  District is at South Kitsap (Port Orchard) this Friday.  Judy Ray looks like our best hope. Since I was not home for my birthday it seems as if it was lonely. But the cake we had on Sunday the day before made up for it.  I received a T-shirt, a pet rock, and a beautiful case for school.  When I got back to U.P.S. that night, a birthday card from Loy Bigelow was waiting.  The day was not a total loss since I got an evening call from Mike Parker.  But that morning I received another failing grade in Mathematics.  I’ll have to pass the final with flying colors just to pass the class. I’m scared.

I may not be returning to Smith Hall next year. I can’t really say I’ll miss the place.  If Mom and Dad can get a loan they will purchase a self-contained travel trailer planned to be used for our cross-country trip this summer and to be my home while I’m in school.  Though I’m no lady-killer, by any means, there are 2 girls here that I really like.  Both are named Susan.  I met Susan Dunn during Winterim.  We have been casual acquaintances.  The other Susan is in my math class.  I don’t understand her at all.  She never looks at me, rather through me, yet she does seem to be interested, or is it just my imagination.  I finally had my expander taken out.  I will be wearing a retainer for the next 3 or 4 months.  It is a lot more comfortable than the expander is.  Bands for my top teeth will be in by July.  Finished reading Arthur Hailey’s, The Moneychangers.

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College Days continue 09/15 — 12/16/75

Monday, September 15, 1975 – Went to discussion class at 8 AM.  Was very bored, because he did not introduce any new material. He just went over the old.  Received note from Kappa Sis or Pal.  Very amusing.  They, the Kappa’s in Tensler have each picked one of us.  They send gifts, usually food. We don’t know who they are but it is interesting.  I don’t know what they expect in return.  Went to Seattle to Heathkit for Dad.


Tuesday, September 16, 1975 – Wrote a letter to Jim Jarrett.  I once again poured out my feelings.  I just hope he writes me back.  I also wrote a letter to Kimm Brown.  I can only wonder what he thinks of me.  Classes went as usual.


Wednesday, September 17, 1995 – Went to lab for biology.  Looked at some very interesting things.  Gave me an insight to some of the things Mrs. Solie lectured about.  But I am still lost in that class.  Played some miniature golf.


Thursday, September 18, 1975 – Was shocked to find out that the assignments for my Accounting class are outlined in the syllabus.  I was 1 day behind.  Nothing else interesting happened.


Friday, September 19, 1975 – Went all morning trying to decide if I should go home.  I left for home as soon as I could after my last class.  Stopped and ate in P.A. where I met Thomas Parker.  We talked a little.  Was driving through Clallam and I noticed their FB lights were on.  The game I thought was on Saturday was only minutes from kickoff.  Met, Helen then took Mary and Patty B. to Bakers.  Went back to field and saw Mel.  My family did not know I was coming home.  So, Mom and Dad were surprised to see me.  I spent most of the game with Helen.  We talked and kidded around.  Joyce beat us 31 – 21, but our team looked good.  Bob Divincenzo had a good night at Quarterback.  Gary had his normal great game.  Bub has sure change the attitude of the team.  The sportsmanship has improved 110%.  Went home and read my SI (Sports Illustrated.)


Saturday, September 20, 1975 — Got up early and brought Kathy Tibor home.  The rest of my family went to P.A.  I spent most of the day doing homework.  Still doing homework.  I gave up and went to bed at 2:00 AM.


Sunday, September 21, 1975 – Got up early to watch the Redskins trounce New Orleans 42 – 3! But was disappointed to see Dallas beat the Rams 18 – 7.  Finally finished homework!  Cleaned up some in house.  Cleaned out inside of car.  I then ate and left for U.P.S. at about 4:30 PM.  Was tempted to stop at the Jarrett’s but chickened out and drove all the way to Tacoma without stopping.  Wrote a letter to Neah.  Hopefully, she’ll understand why I didn’t stop to see her.


Monday, September 22, 1975 – Was up early to find a replacement for Gary in accounting discussion class.  Received a 92 in quiz for economics.  Biology was same as usual as with algebra.  Saw Oakland beat Miami 31 – 21 on Monday night football. 


Tuesday, September 23, 1975 – Received 2 6’s on homework in accounting.  Nothing exciting in Economics, Biology or Algebra.  Wrote a note to Kappa Pal.  Am getting kind of irritated with roommate.  He and I just don’t see eye to eye.  It’s as if he is here to have fun, where I am here for a higher education. Cancelled appointments with orthodontist until Mom’s insurance comes through.  (My roommate ended up with a double major!)


Wednesday, September 24, 1975 – Went to lab and identified trees by their leaves, very interesting. Went an played 3 rounds of miniature golf, did a little shopping…

(I was as boring then as I am now!)

Thursday, September 25, 1975 – Took test in Algebra.  No problem, simple questions.  Wrote a letter to Kelly Pittman.  Not much else.

Monday, December 15, 1975 – 1:35 PM – Getting all geared up for finals.  I have Economics on Tuesday, Biology and Algebra on Wednesday and it’s home sweet home Wednesday night.  Very depressed over weekend loss by Redskins, wait ‘til next year.


Tuesday, December 16, 1975 – 11:30 PM – Took my Economics final today.  I think I did all right, although I know I could have done better.  Went out and got a haircut after selling books.  Hopefully, tomorrow will come fast.  Have Biology and Algebra finals, and then it’s off to the BB game in PA and on home for Christmas!

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Thursday, September 11, 1975 –

Thursday, September 11, 1975Found out I had strep throat.  Went to health service and got some penicillin.  Got a call from mom early in morning.  She told me that the funeral was going to be at 2:00 PM.  Decided not to go.  Even though I really wanted to go I figured mom would be there to represent me.  They needed some canning jars.  Went up and down 6th avenue looking for a store that had some.  Finally found some.  I also got a haircut. Classes were dull as ever.  Biology is going to be tough.  Started to feel lost in the class. Economics is fine. Algebra is frustrating because I love math and everyone else is there because they hate it. I love accounting.  The workload is long, but I love doing it…

Friday, September 12, 1975Very depressed about not going to Ronnie’s funeral.  Classes went as usual.  Had homework in Economics.  Finished it between Biology and Accounting.   I became unsure about my biology class even more.  I think I’ll ask for help.  Had a lot of homework in Algebra.  Took off for home at 20 to 4.  Met Neah and Helen on 112.  Got home at eight.  No one home.  Mom & Dad came in at about 8:30 PM.  Mom filled me in on all the news of the week. First of all was Ronnie’s death on Sunday.  On Monday was Turk Markishtum’s resignation because of differences with administration.  During the week there was a slash fire 2 or 4 miles from the Air Base.  It was still smoldering when I left.  On Thursday Mr. Province was fired as football coach.  Bub Johnson took over.  Thursday afternoon was Ronnie’s funeral.  His canoe partners were pallbearers, Russell Svec, Brian Gagnon, Mark Ray, Cubby Jimmicum and 2 others I don’t remember.  They wore their Makah Won Shirts.  Ronnie was buried in his.  The football team sat together.  Ronnie was shot in the left side of his face.  He died on the way to P.A. only minutes after leaving Clallam Bay.  During the ride he kept yelling for Cubby, these were his last words.  One thing agreed upon about Ronnie was the fact he was never without a smile.

If this wasn’t enough, Big Jim Jarrett suffered from irregular heartbeats, resulting from exhaustion.  He will be in the hospital from 7 to 10 days, followed by 3 –4 months of complete rest at home.

I also said good-bye to Mike.  He left for Washington State early Saturday morning.

Attended the tail end of the pep rally.  Talked with Mr. Province. (Allegedly Mr. Province used a wiffle bat to get players attention on the field, bat to helmet.  He also lined up the biggest kids against the smaller kids.) He wasn’t bitter about being fired.  He said he saw it coming and that he should have known better.  He told me he wished he had more players like me.  Nice stroke to my ego! He gave me tips about college.  He said not to cram and to take cookbook chemistry (whatever that is).  We had a nice talk and my respect grew for him.  Did some accounting homework and went to bed.

Saturday, September 13, 1975Received a call from Helen and Neah who were at P.A. with Big Jim.  They sounded tired, worn out and shook. I am afraid I was not too reassuring to talk to.  Jim is going to be all right, but will have to rest or he could suffer a heart attack.

Went to the Clallam Bay football game.  We lost.  But the attitude of the tam improved 100% from the previous week.  Bub has full control.  Glen is his assistant.  Gary LaCha scored the only three touchdowns; Kimm Brown went over for 2 pts.  But Gary proved he is the best there is on that team.  He was MVP last year in both FB and BB.  He ran sensationally today.  And all this only 2 days after his brother’s funeral.  To me he is one of the greatest people on this earth.

Finished accounting homework.

Sunday, September 14, 1975Woke up ready to watch football, only to find New England went on strike and the game was canceled.  Watched a taped game between Pittsburgh and Dallas won by Dallas 17 – 16.  Then saw Denver beat St. Louis 21 – 17 live.  Mel went fishing in the fishing Derby but she didn’t catch anything.  Ate a very nice dinner and took off for U.P.S. arrived at 10:10 PM.  And now I am going to bed. What a terrible week for Neah Bay.  God Bless all those who are in need there, those who are in health problems, my friends and relatives and the soul of Ronnie LaChester. Amen.

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Saturday, September 6, 1975

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Saturday, September 6, 1975 – Went to Naselle to see first H.S., N.B.H.S. game. Very unorganized, disappointing 52 – 18 loss. Bob Divencenzo not an 8-man quarterback yet. Has a lot to learn. Kimm Brown, Randy Williams played excellent game. Mike Miniken may be out for year for hitting a ref. Had to drive from Neah Bay to Naselle to Seattle. Met Mr. & Mrs. Willard. Seem to be doing fine. Kevin made starting varsity on Naselle F.B. team. Arrived in Seattle 8:30 PM. Went to Motel, watched Cabaret.

Sunday, September 7, 1975 – Ate at Sambo’s with parents. (Sambo’s Really? Couldn’t use that name these days!) Went from there to Husky Stadium. Watched Cleveland Browns beat N.Y. Giants 24 – 20. Good game! (This was a try out for Seattle to gauge interest in an NFL team) Took off for Tacoma after saying ‘bye to parents and Mel at Stadium. Came off I-5 and wandered around Tacoma until I found U.P.S. Ready to watch F.B. (Washington vs. N.Y. Jets) on TV Preparing for classes tomorrow, then hit the sack! Am very, very tired…

Monday, September 8, 1975 – Went to discussion class at 8 AM. Thought it was for Economics, turned out to be for accounting. It was not held and I was let out of an embarrassing moment. Attended first class at 9 AM. Prof. Bruce Mann outlined his course for Economics. He told us no one should have any problems passing course, but a grade A would be hard to get. Sounds like a good course. Biology and Accounting are going to be tough classes. Algebra will be easiest.  8: 45 PM – Received call from my mom. She informed me that Ronnie LaChester was fatally wounded in a gun mishap yesterday. Funeral plans have not been made, but I plan to attend. I liked that guy. He was going to be an excellent athlete. I was looking forward to watching him play with his brother Gary for 2 years. Why do these things happen? What meaning has life when it is taken from one so young? I am scared. Death had confronted me again. I realize I will never see Ronnie again walk on this earth. It is a hard fact to comprehend. Why? I will always remember him as a quiet, but always happy young man. The last time I saw him alive was at Naselle. He was throwing passes, playing catch with Stan Markishtum. He was such a promising young athlete. His life was too short. It is hard to accept death. Only time can partially erase memories. I don’t know what I’m going to do when someone in my family dies. It hurts. College seems worthless when you realize one not living to see his High School days. God Bless the soul of Ronnie LaChester.

Tuesday, September 9, 1975 – 11:25 — The death of Ronnie is so hard to take. I have been thinking about it all day. As I sat in class, as I was eating the thought struck me, I will never see Ronnie again. At least not in this world. Last night I read from the bible. Through it I got reassurance. I will see Ronnie in the life after death. This is why I pray for the saving of his soul. Why I must live in God’s way so that I too, can join Ronnie in life after death. It’s sad, so sad. My heart is heavy. The loss of someone so young hurts. My whole insides ache. Not only for the loss of a loved one, but for those who are survived by him. My pain is great, but their pain is greater. I must pray for them also. With the death of Ronnie, my classes seemed so insignificant. I felt like abandoning them and running home. But of what use could I be there? I would not be of any help. So, I attended my classes with very little enthusiasm.


Eileen Solie

The Puget Sound chapter of the Izaak Walton League planted sycamore trees as a memorial to Associate Professor of Biology Eileen Solie AB ’65, MST ’67, “Teacher, Biologist, Gracious Lady, Friend” after her death 1982.


The economics class is interesting, should have no problem. The biology lectures are long and detailed, but Mrs. Solie speaks slowly and very distinctly. The accounting class is the one I fear. But today went all right; the only thing is that the workis time consuming but very fascinating. The algebra class is a little less then what I expected, but I can survive. What have I said? I say survive and think of Ronnie. Oh God, help me. Help his family, his friends, save his soul. [I wasn’t as sure about my faith at this time as I am now. Writing about saving his soul after his death clearly underlines this fact.] Wrote a letter to Kimm Brown, I hope he replies (it was a letter kind of like this one!) I had a dream last night. Kimm Brown, Jim Jarrett, Ronnie LaChester and others were playing Russian Roulette. Kimm and Jim left and Ron and the others kept going. Ron was fatally wounded when he pulled the trigger. I went to see Dawn Greene for that is where it happened. I tried to comfort her, but all I could do was cry. I just got up and walked away. It took me along time before I cried after I had heard the bad news. But when I did my body shook. If only it were not true. But it is and it can’t be undone. What else can I say? I really liked him. In a way I loved him. And now his is gone and I’ll never have a chance to tell him. Life is too short; his was way too short. Pres. Phipps of U.P.S. told us to remember the years 2025 the year we retire and 2035 the year we die. [I have 25 years to go as of this posting!] Ronnie’s years were 2030 and 2040. He died too young. Just too young…

Wednesday, September 10, 1975 – 9:50PM – Woke up with terrible sore throat. Went to see doctor at Health Service. My uvula was very swollen. I thought it was my tonsils. I am glad it wasn’t. I could see myself having my tonsils out and losing all those days of school. Went to my first Lab. Class today. Was very slow in picking up techniques. Also in spotting and seeing things I was supposed to…

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