Christian! Husband to my lovely wife Robin, Father of 3 — Danaye, Danielle, and Thomas who is married to Cyrena and Gran-pa to Ayla, Cecilee, Jameson, Emily and Antonio.

I am a fan of the M’s, Seahawks; Sounders; Huskies; Neah Bay Red Devils; Lady Reds.kreduced sig logo

In a week I will turn 61.  The start of this site comes from a journal I kept when I first started attending the University of Puget Sound in the fall of 1975, fully 43 years ago.  The first journal ends short of my graduation from UPS in 1979.  I was a kid, insecure, a sports nerd, who has yet to meet my wife.  You will see I had a crush on my sisters friend. I desperately sought friendship anywhere I could find it. My faith and beliefs were in their infancy.

I cringe at some of what I wrote, though it is certainly me from four decades ago.  Interspersed with the journal posts are some more current posts, from hopefully a more mature me.   I still seek acceptance. I fear loneliness,  but I have been blessed with my wife of 36 years, three children and five grandkids. What I wrote and will write are simply my feelings about my observations of the life I lived and am living now.  I sometimes edit out names as the proper thing to do. I have a lot of life to cover. The format of my journal is chronological, so the beginning is at the bottom with most recent posts at the top.  This can be hard to navigate if you want to read it in the order of the oldest posts to the recent posts. This is my journey through life, my feelings, my fears, my successes and my failures. Thanx to anyone who has found this. Your comments and questions are encouraged.

Bud 05/10/2018

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  1. Bobby Charts says:

    Nice work here, keep up the good work!

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