November 8, 1979 – A job! Mel’s graduation, a business trip to Everett

November 8, 1979

2) Getting a job – Getting a job really was no problem at all. I had a job waiting for me in the accounting department of the Makah Tribal (4) I reported for work on Tuesday morning, May 29th, 1979. I filled out all the required forms with the personnel department. I then went upstairs to the accounting offices. I cleared off the old green desk and made myself at home. It took me two weeks to get a status form; otherwise, I had no problems at all. I became second in line of authority in our staff of six.

3) The week after I graduated, Melonee graduated. Melonee was Valedictorian of her class, so she had a speech to deliver. She graduated in a class of eight, 4 boys, 4 girls. Besides Mel, there was Lawanda Johnson, Debbie Cooke, download (5)Trish Meadows, Lester Moore, Mark Ray, Russell Martilla and Bill Roche. Russell opened the evening with the flag salute. Trish followed with a poem. She started the tears rolling. Lawanda followed with the class history and kept the tears running. There was a break when Salutatorian Bill Roche gave his speech. It was well done. Melonee followed with a nicely delivered speech, which also helped tears flow. I was so proud of her. She did so much a better job than I. Len Zenonian, and Deloris Rice were the guest speakers, Mr. Z ended his speech reciting Desirata.

Mr. Loveland gave honorary degrees to Ruth Claplanhoo and Helen Peterson. This was a nice gesture on his part. Finally, the diplomas were handed out. Lester Moore introduced each graduate, while Russ introduced Les when it came to Les’s turn. We then retired to the Multi-purpose images (3)room where we got the chance to shake hands with each graduate.
When we finished the reception, it was off to the Senior Party. Usually, this wouldn’t affect me, but this time the party was in our house. The hard stuff was broken out right away. The beer came out later, but there was a problem with this. They had two kegs, but no spigot to get the beer out. After an hour one finally showed up, only to have a wait of almost another hour to get it working. The juices did flow that evening. One of the first to go out, to get snockered was one of Mel’s classmates younger brother. He was one of the few really young students who arrived in who shouldn’t have.

Dale and I were the only ones who were over 21 in the house. All fingers would have pointed at us had there been any raids. There was a dance at the Hall also, so about 12 midnight the house cleared for nearly an hour. It didn’t take long for the party to get back in full swing once everyone returned. This time we kept out all of those who were too young. We also had to turn away some who were too old. We tried to keep it to Seniors and their closest friends. The poor younger brother of a classmate tried to get in 6 times before Alan Greene finally talked him into leaving.

We didn’t have very many problems at all. Russell Scott was almost fighting with someone about the Hell Raisers. That didn’t last long, and the participants cooled off right away. The only other worry we had was to get the people out the door before they passed out. Only Debbie Cooke and Yak Parker spent the night. At 5 AM only Barry Mack, Darrell Markishtum and I were left awake. We played blackjack for about a half an hour when I saw Darrell’s parent’s car drive by. I figured they were looking for him, so I sent him home. Barry left soon after that.

Mel and  got pretty cozy with someone who she says is “just friends.” They were sound asleep when we tried to find a camera to get a picture of our “just friends.” They woke up before we got a chance. Mel had to do an ugly thing out the glass doors. When she finished, she went back to sleep.

The only exciting thing that happened to me was that one of Mel’s classmates practically proposed to me. She was well out of it when she called me over. I was told about her having a crush on me. From there she went on and on until she practically asked me to marry her. She passed out soon after. I don’t know if it was from drinking or me. I was in bed by 6:00 AM, up by 7:30 AM and at work by 8:10 AM, looking like I was hung over.

4) A week in Everett seemed like at least a month. We were there for a workshop in central accounting for Tribal organizations. The Social Development Corporation Indian Management Institute sponsored the seminar. The instructors were Paul Moore on Level I and Dennis Overby in Level II. That’s why we were there.

I drove there with Kathy Ward and Pat Greene. We drove via thedownload (6) Pt. Townsend to Keystone and Clinton to Mulkiteo ferries. When you get off the Mulkiteo ferry, you are almost in Everett. We were staying at the Everett Holiday Inn. We figured the Everett Holiday Inn would be in Everett. That was our first mistake. The second mistake was letting me help guide the way. We had a tour of Everett for about 90 minutes. At one point in downtown Everett, I was in a phone booth looking for an address, when I returned to my car, I told Pat to start memorizing the streets as we drove by. She said okay when we got back on the road I found that the streets were numbered. Fig29
We finally found our hotel and got checked in. I told Kathy and Pat to call when they went to dinner. Even though they wanted to eat Chinese food I had to eat somewhere. After about two hours of waiting, I finally called their room. They were not in, so I decided to take a walk through the place to see if they were doing the same. Finally, I checked the parking lot to find Kathy’s car missing. They left without me not even having the courtesy to call me.

On the way back to the room I ran into Kibby. She had been waiting for Mary Ann Martin to show. They were supposed to go to dinner together. She was hungry enough not to wait anymore so she asked me if I’d go with her to the Black Angus. images (4)We took a roundabout route to get there. While we anticipated being seated Joe and Mary Ann walked out to leave. We had a lovely dinner, and afterward, we went back to the motel where we retired to our own rooms. I read a little and went to sleep.

The next morning, class started at nine. Kib and I were in Level II, Kathy and Pat in Level I. We took a test that I scored a perfect 100% on. After introducing ourselves to each other Dennis had us each read out loud a part of the introduction. He told us it was to kill time.

At lunchtime, I found out Kathy had spent 30 minutes calling the wrong room #. She figured I was either on the toilet or was out wandering around. After 30 minutes, they felt I couldn’t still be in the bathroom, so they took off. I took them to the Black Angus Monday night. Wednesday night we went to see The In-Laws, download (7) a movie with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin that was genuinely funny. This was just about the only highlight of the week.

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