Wednesday, August 22, 1979 – At Football Practice

Wednesday, August 22, 1979


          Before I begin to tackle my list of 11), let me say a few words about today’s practice.  It was about 8:30 PM and I had just awakened from dozing on my bed while watching baseball.  I decided that I had better feed the dogs.  When I got up, I noticed that the lights at the field were still on.  I thought that I might wander over there.  Dad wanted to check the lights, so I rode over with him.  Football practice was just winding up while Dad, and I walked across the parking lot.  The team was running its’ last 100-yard sprint.  I didn’t get too much of a chance to count the number of players present, but a quick try brought forward the fact that attendance had a least doubled from yesterdays turnout.

I was quite obvious that Dan Green was present.  His “Starsky & Hutch” car was quickly spotted as we turned the corner to the school.  As they ran by, Dan led the group.  Other new faces included Jeff Hall, JR Johnson, Joe Ware, and Peter Chartraw among others I didn’t get a chance to identify.

Dad and I came upon a discussion between Alan Bigelow, Jerry Lucas, and Coach Ron Johnson.  After pleasantries were exchanged topics bounced around included running over dogs, climbing towers and straightening out goal posts.  The lights apparently need no work.  Al mentioned that it looked like Ron had an exceptional group of kids out, Jerry said, “Yeah, but only 7 – 8  are working at it, the rest is just dogging it.”  We’ll see, we’ll see.

What was a little unusual was that as I mowed the lawn, Russell, while riding on the back of a bike spotted me, put a fist in the air with his index finger, pointed skyward and yelled, “We’re #1!”  We’ll see.

Let me now start on my list.  It is most appropriate, to begin with, 1) my graduation from the University of Puget Sound.

Graduation was May 26, 1979, at the UPS football field.


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Born again Christian. Moderate in Politics. Husband to Robin, father to Danaye, Danielle & Thomas. Grandpa to Ayla, Cecilee, Tony, Emmy & Jameson! Love sports, NW Teams: Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, Sounders, Storm; Also root for Gonzaga, Duke ... and the Neah Bay Red Devils and Neah Bay Lady Reds!!!
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