My Childhood Home in Transition

2013-11-28 15.38.42I spent most of the day at Mom and Dad’s house yesterday with Thomas as he went about taking possession of the China cabinet that actually held China. I was overwhelmed by a sense of sadness as we slowly take down possessions, keepsakes, and treasures that maybe only Mom or Dad knew the value. It is now a house in transition. Furniture gone, tables gathered together, rooms being emptied slowly, knick-knacks accumulating where the couch, then Dad’s hospital bed, and then a sofa again had been. It’s a home Dad built, and Mom decorated; mostly from their Sears charge card.

So many memories, so many feelings running through my mind. Family Christmas gatherings, game nights, Mom’s Friday Makah Days kickoff luncheon.

By the phone in the dining room hangs a 1987 calendar. It’s not only a reminder that land lines are a thing of the past my childhood home too,  will become a memory of the past.

Dad, Lynn & MomMy sister Lynn had been gone 11 years earlier this month. Three years later Dad died. Four years ago today, Mom died in Bremerton. Bremerton once memories of sadness, now the city where my son, his wife and their kids now call home. A change for the better as I now look forward to visiting them in Bremerton.

Change is inevitable. It is no different from the house I lived in twice. Once in my childhood and once with my wife when we moved in to help care for Mom. As it goes through transition, I once again look forward to game nights and family Christmas gatherings that will be spent in the new home. It will be full of the love and respect taught to us by Mom and Dad; Gramsy and Grandpa are gone to us for now but always to be remembered.

About buddad1957

Born again Christian. Moderate in Politics. Husband to Robin, father to Danaye, Danielle & Thomas. Grandpa to Ayla, Cecilee, Tony, Emmy & Jameson! Love sports, NW Teams: Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, Sounders, Storm; Also root for Gonzaga, Duke ... and the Neah Bay Red Devils and Neah Bay Lady Reds!!!
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