Sunday, October 30, 1977

Sunday, October 30, 1977


I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days.  I was debating on whether or not to go to Seattle this morning to see the Seahawks play the Buffalo Bills.  I decided to go and I am glad I did.  I got to the stadium at about 12 Noon.  People were pouring in to see OJ Simpson.  As I walked inside I thought about the Tampa Bay game that I got to watch with my parents.  Underneath the screen sat the Neah Bay Red Devil team.  It was the first time I sat with someone I knew at a game.  Seattle won the game

As I walked in the 100 level door I was looking for the first men’s room.  There it stood, right in front of me.  Ah! Relief at last.  Who was walking out as I walked in?  None other than Stevie Cunningham.  We talked a bit, found out where each other sat, I asked who else was here, and he told me.  We finally ran out of things to say, so he departs and I tend to my business.  I went in and sat down.  I looked up over my left shoulder and spotted the team. I went up and talked to Ron Markishtum for a couple of minutes.  I then went back to my own seat and enjoyed watching Seattle clobber Buffalo 56 – 17! It was nice to see members of the team since I missed their game Friday night.  They lost to Quilcene and are now 0 – 8, but they aren’t that bad a team.  I am looking forward to their homecoming against Joyce.  The fireworks at work will come later. 

About buddad1957

Born again Christian. Moderate in Politics. Husband to Robin, father to Danaye, Danielle & Thomas. Grandpa to Ayla, Cecilee, Tony, Emmy & Jameson! Love sports, NW Teams: Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, Sounders, Storm; Also root for Gonzaga, Duke ... and the Neah Bay Red Devils and Neah Bay Lady Reds!!!
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