Monday, October 24, 1977

Monday, October 24, 1977

          I continue writing about the summer’s events.  But first, let me talk about the day’s events.  I had two mid-term tests today, one in Marketing, and the other in Art.  The first test came in marketing.  There was 25 fill in the blank questions.  I found 21 of them were easy, I answered partially and skipped the other 2.  They are worth 3 points apiece.  The essay question was worth 25 points.  I completely blew this.  It asked for an explanation of McNeal’s consumer behavior mode.  What I used in my essay was the wrong model, as I found out after class. This is a test to forget.  The Art test was postponed until Wednesday.  My other courses are Management and Intermediate Accounting.  The Accounting class isn’t going all that great. I am finding textbook accounting not all that great. Back to summer.

I was home from U.P.S. before school at home was out.  The letterman’s club had their banquet; instead of giving letters each participant received a small statuette.  A trophy for MVP, Inspiration and Coaches Award was presented in each sport.  The cheerleaders gave Mom a cup for her support, and I got a plaque for my help.  Melonee received a number of trophies.  —

Graduation was the next big event.  It was a very small, seemingly uncomfortable group of graduates.  Ollie Kallappa began with a few words, barely heard because of the PA system.  James Allen followed with a nervous but great speech.  And Judy Ray, the class Valedictorian delivered a very moving speech, the best I have ever heard.  Marshall Cutsforth was the guest speaker.  He was accompanied that evening by his son Chris who, although wearing a neck brace for injuries received in a car accident, still commanded considerable interest from Mel and Lawanda.  Chris wanted to see his former classmate, Mark and Lester, but as Crystal Ray states so frankly, “Mark saw how tall you were and was ashamed,” or something of that nature.  Kimm Brown and David Morton were Junior Marshals and they looked sharp in their black tuxes.  Mr. Bigelow felt they went a little overboard.  Loy was there and she really looks good.  She has lost some pounds and she made me feel ashamed.

I went to work soon after.  I found myself in an overcrowded office.  Patty Buckingham, Janet Tollerud, Ron Markishtum, Kibby Lawrence and Mark Thurston were all working in the accounting department.  There was really nothing for me to do.  Work was quiet for most of the year, but fireworks came later.  I will write about this tomorrow.

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