April 19 to May 19, 1976

Monday, April 19, 1976 – Spent a nice Easter weekend at home.  Punkin (Mary Lee) had her first Easter egg hunt.  Dale is big, and her baby is due in July.  Lynn lost her baby, miscarriage on April 6th.  Mel’s horse is ready to foal anytime now.  A friend is in the hospital today to get an abortion.  I am praying for her, I hope she’s all right.  Amy Dannel may be pregnant. I hope the best for her also.  Mike wrote yesterday, telling me of his “love” for Mary.  Must write back.


Tuesday, April 27, 1976 – Went to Mel’s track meet last Saturday, April 24, 1976.  I took time for the 5th place runner in each race.  Saw Kevin Kozak for the second straight weekend.  He and his Mom, Jo Anne, are back in Clallam Bay. After Jo Anne separated from Mr. Willard. Judy Buckingham and Judy Ray were at the meet; their 1st of the year Judy B. won the 100 while Judy Ray almost won the mile.  If she had pulled outside of the Clallam runner when she made her move she would have won.  The girls won the 880 or 440 relay and the mile relay by a good margin Mel came in third in the 880, with a very good finish.  Went to Seattle for weekend.  I saw Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox” very funny movie.  Sunday saw the Sonics down the Sun’s to pull up to 2 & 3 in their best of 7 series. I hope they win tonight.  Handed in a 12-page report on John F. Kennedy today.  I am having problems in my math class.  I have failed almost every test.  What am I going to do?  Finished the book All Creatures Great & Small by James McDermott.  Since last summer I have read, The Tower, The Glass Inferno, Jaws, Runway Zero – eight, QB VII, The Godfather, and Lenny Bruce.  Have started reading All the Presidents Men for a second time.

Thursday, May 6, 1976 – I have finished All the President’s Men. This book reveals some very startling revelations about the Nixon administration.  Nixon’s men did not seem very bright. Books I failed to list above were One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Sometimes A Great Notion.

I am looking forward to the track meet this Saturday.  Last Saturday, Neah Bay had a fair day.  In the Junior High Brian Gagnon came in this in the 80 low hurdles an event won by Stevie Cunningham.   Stevie came in second in both the 100 and the 220.   Stevie is going to be some athlete.  I just hope he stays in Neah Bay.  Lewis Allen came in 3rd in the shot and 3rd in the discuss.  Dell Greene came in 5th in the shot.  Rounding out the field for our High school boys was Wendell Cooke.  He won the shot and discus while coming in at 4th in the javelin.  Kevin Kozak, competing for Clallam had thirds in the 120 high hurdles, triple jump, 180 low hurdles and 5th in the long jump.

The day as far as I’m concerned belonged to our girls. Judy Ray won the 80 low hurdles, while Lawanda Johnson came 6th.  Judy Buckingham won the 100.  Judy Ray wiped out Riedel of Clallam in their rematch from last week in the mile.  Judy R., Lawanda, Mel and Judy B. took the 440 relay.  Melonee came in second in the 880.  She finished 3rd in the 880 the week before.  This week she kept pace with Riedel of Clallam.  As they came upon the final turn Mel and a Joyce girl, Swegle started their moves.  Swegle died out and finished 3rd.  Mel passed Riedel and had a few steps on her as they came to the finish line.  Just before the finish Mel suddenly stopped, Riedel saw her chance, stepped up her run and won the race.  As it turned out, Mel didn’t know where the finish line was.  When she slowed down, she though she had passed it.  I told her we’ll have to put Lester Moore there next time, to make sure she knows.  That my just happen, Mom can do it.  Judy B. won the 220, while Neah Bay with, Judy B. Lawanda, Mel and Judy R. won the mile relay.  Billy Parker may help the girls; I can’t wait ‘til Saturday.


Sunday, May 9, 1976 – Everyone did as expected yesterday at the track meet.  Mel finished third in the 880; she had some physical problems and was never really in the race.  Lawanda finished a surprising second in the 80 low hurdles.  Judy R. won her mile, Judy B. the 100.  Judy B. did not run the 220, but instead of the first four qualifying for sub-district in the meet yesterday, as I thought, the coaches will meet, take the best times or distances and fill eight lanes for track events, and I believe 8 qualifiers for field events.  The times and distances will come from all the previous meets.  The girls won both the 440 and mile relay and a very nice fashion.  Stevie had a very good day again.  Sub-district next Thursday!


Wednesday, May 19, 1976 – Everybody on the team qualified for District last Thursday, May 13th.  Judy Ray had the best effort of the day when she won the 80 low hurdles.  Lawanda came in second in the event.  Judy B. finished 3d and 4th in the 100 and 220 or vice versa.  Judy Ray came in fourth in the mile run and Mel 4th in the880.  Our relay teams came in second to Pt. Townsend in the 440 and mile relays.  Wendell came in fourth in both the shot and discus.  District is at South Kitsap (Port Orchard) this Friday.  Judy Ray looks like our best hope. Since I was not home for my birthday it seems as if it was lonely. But the cake we had on Sunday the day before made up for it.  I received a T-shirt, a pet rock, and a beautiful case for school.  When I got back to U.P.S. that night, a birthday card from Loy Bigelow was waiting.  The day was not a total loss since I got an evening call from Mike Parker.  But that morning I received another failing grade in Mathematics.  I’ll have to pass the final with flying colors just to pass the class. I’m scared.

I may not be returning to Smith Hall next year. I can’t really say I’ll miss the place.  If Mom and Dad can get a loan they will purchase a self-contained travel trailer planned to be used for our cross-country trip this summer and to be my home while I’m in school.  Though I’m no lady-killer, by any means, there are 2 girls here that I really like.  Both are named Susan.  I met Susan Dunn during Winterim.  We have been casual acquaintances.  The other Susan is in my math class.  I don’t understand her at all.  She never looks at me, rather through me, yet she does seem to be interested, or is it just my imagination.  I finally had my expander taken out.  I will be wearing a retainer for the next 3 or 4 months.  It is a lot more comfortable than the expander is.  Bands for my top teeth will be in by July.  Finished reading Arthur Hailey’s, The Moneychangers.

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