Thursday, September 11, 1975 –

Thursday, September 11, 1975Found out I had strep throat.  Went to health service and got some penicillin.  Got a call from mom early in the morning.  She told me that the funeral was going to be at 2:00 PM.  Decided not to go.  Even though I really wanted to go, I figured mom would be there to represent me.  They needed some canning jars.  Went up and down 6th avenue looking for a store that had some.  Finally found some.  I also got a haircut. Classes were dull as ever.  Biology is going to be tough.  Started to feel lost in the course. Economics is fine. Algebra is frustrating because I love math and everyone else is there because they hate it. I love accounting.  The workload is extended, but I love doing it…


Friday, September 12, 1975Very depressed about not going to Ronnie’s funeral.  Classes went as usual.  Had homework in Economics.  Finished it between Biology and Accounting.   I became unsure about my biology class even more.  I think I’ll ask for help.  Had a lot of homework in Algebra.  Took off for home at 20 to 4.  Met Neah and Helen on 112.  Got home at eight.  No one was home.  Mom & Dad came in at about 8:30 PM.  Mom filled me in on all the news of the week. First of all was Ronnie’s death on Sunday.  On Monday was Turk Markishtum’s resignation because of differences with the administration.  During the week there was a slash fire 2 or 4 miles from the Air Base.  It was still smoldering when I left.  On Thursday Mr. Province was fired as football coach.  Bub Johnson took over.  Thursday afternoon was Ronnie’s funeral.  His canoe partners were pallbearers, Russell Svec, Brian Gagnon, Mark Ray, Cubby Jimmicum and 2 others I don’t remember.  They wore their Makah Won Shirts.  Ronnie was buried in his.  The football team sat together.  Ronnie was shot in the left side of his face.  He died on the way to P.A. only minutes after leaving Clallam Bay, he was yelling for Cubby, these were his last words.  One thing agreed upon about Ronnie was the fact he was never without a smile.

If this wasn’t enough, Big Jim Jarrett suffered from irregular heartbeats, resulting from exhaustion.  He will be in the hospital from 7 to 10 days, followed by 3 –4 months of complete rest at home.

I also said goodbye to Mike.  He left for Washington State early Saturday morning.

Attended the tail end of the pep rally.  Talked with Mr. Province. (Allegedly Mr. Province used a whiffle bat to get players attention on the field, bat to helmet.  He also lined up the biggest kids against the smaller kids.) He wasn’t bitter about being fired.  He said he saw it coming and that he should have known better.  He told me he wished he had more players like me. Sweet stroke to my ego! He gave me tips about college.  He said not to cram and to take cookbook chemistry (whatever that is).  We had a friendly talk, and my respect grew for him.  Did some accounting homework and went to bed.


Saturday, September 13, 1975Received a call from Helen and Neah who were at P.A. with Big Jim.  They sounded tired, worn out and shook. I am afraid I was not too reassuring to talk to.  Jim is going to be all right but will have to rest, or he could suffer a heart attack.

Went to the Clallam Bay football game.  We lost.  But the attitude of the team improved 100% from the previous week.  Bub has full control.  Glen is his assistant.  Gary LaCha scored the only three touchdowns; Kimm Brown went over for 2 pts.  But Gary proved he is the best there is on that team, earning MVP last year in both FB and BB.  He ran sensationally today.  And all these only 2 days after his brother’s funeral.  To me, he is one of the most exceptional people on this earth.

Finished accounting homework.


Sunday, September 14, 1975Woke up ready to watch football, only to find New England went on strike, and the game was canceled.  Watched a taped game between Pittsburgh and Dallas won by Dallas 17 – 16.  Then saw Denver beat St. Louis 21 – 17 live.  Mel went fishing in the Fishing Derby, but she didn’t catch anything.  Ate a lovely dinner and took off for U.P.S. arrived at 10:10 PM.  And now I am going to bed. What a terrible week for Neah Bay.  God Bless all those who are in need there, those who are in health problems, my friends and relatives and the soul of Ronnie LaChester. Amen.

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