Saturday, September 6, 1975

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Saturday, September 6, 1975 – Went to Naselle to see first H.S., N.B.H.S. game. Very unorganized, disappointing 52 – 18 loss. Bob Divencenzo not an 8-man quarterback yet. Has a lot to learn. Kimm Brown, Randy Williams played an excellent game. Mike Miniken may be out for the year for hitting a ref. Had to drive from Neah Bay to Naselle to Seattle. Met Mr. & Mrs. Willard. Seem to be doing fine. Kevin made starting varsity on Naselle F.B. team. Arrived in Seattle 8:30 PM. Went to Motel, watched Cabaret.

Sunday, September 7, 1975 – Ate at Sambo’s with parents. (Sambo’s Really? Couldn’t use that name these days!) Went from there to Husky Stadium. Watched Cleveland Browns beat N.Y. Giants 24 – 20. Good game! (This was a try out for Seattle to gauge interest in an NFL team) Took off for Tacoma after saying ‘bye to parents and Mel at Stadium. Came off I-5 and wandered around Tacoma until I found U.P.S. Ready to watch F.B. (Washington vs. N.Y. Jets) on TV Preparing for classes tomorrow, then hit the sack! Am very, very tired…

Monday, September 8, 1975 – Went to discussion class at 8 AM. Thought it was for Economics, turned out to be for accounting. It was not held, and I was let out of an embarrassing moment. Attended first class at 9 AM. Prof. Bruce Mann outlined his course for Economics. He told us no one should have any problems passing the course, but a grade A would be hard to get. Sounds like a good course. Biology and Accounting are going to be tough classes. Algebra will be easiest.  8: 45 PM – Received call from my mom. She informed me that Ronnie LaChester was fatally wounded in a gun mishap yesterday. Funeral plans have not been made, but I plan to attend. I liked that guy. He was going to be an excellent athlete. I was looking forward to watching him play with his brother Gary for 2 years. Why do these things happen? What meaning has a life when it is taken from one so young? I am scared. Death had confronted me again. I realize I will never see Ronnie again walk on this earth. It is a hard fact to comprehend. Why? I will always remember him as a quiet, but always happy young man. The last time I saw him alive was at Naselle. He was throwing passes, playing catch with Stan Markishtum. He was such a promising young athlete. His life was too short. Accepting death is hard. Only time can partially erase memories. I don’t know what I’m going to do when someone in my family dies. It hurts. College seems worthless when you realize one not living to see his High School days. God Bless the soul of Ronnie LaChester.

Tuesday, September 9, 1975 – 11:25 — The death of Ronnie is so hard to take. I have been thinking about it all day. As I sat in class, as I was eating the thought struck me, I will never see Ronnie again. At least not in this world. Last night I read the bible. Through it I got reassurance. I will see Ronnie in the life after death. This is why I pray for the saving of his soul. Why I must live in God’s way so that I too, can join Ronnie in life after death. It’s sad, so sad. My heart is heavy. Losing someone so young hurts. My whole insides ache. Not only for the loss of a loved one but for those who are survived by him. My pain is great, but their suffering is more considerable. I must pray for them also. With the death of Ronnie, my classes seemed so insignificant. I felt like abandoning them and running home. But of what use could I be there? I would not be of any help. So, I attended my classes with very little enthusiasm.

Eileen Solie

The Puget Sound chapter of the Izaak Walton League planted sycamore trees as a memorial to Associate Professor of Biology Eileen Solie AB ’65, MST ’67, “Teacher, Biologist, Gracious Lady, Friend” after her death 1982.

The economics class is interesting, should have no problem. The biology lectures are long and detailed, but Mrs. Solie speaks slowly and very distinctly. The accounting class is the one I fear. But today went all right; the only thing is that the work is time-consuming but very fascinating. The algebra class is a little less then what I expected, but I can survive. What have I said? I say survive and think of Ronnie. Oh God, help me. Help his family, his friends, save his soul. [I wasn’t as sure about my faith at this time as I am now. Writing about saving his soul after his death clearly underlines this fact.] Wrote a letter to Kimm Brown, I hope he replies (it was a letter kind of like this one!) I had a dream last night. Kimm Brown, Jim Jarrett, Ronnie LaChester and others were playing Russian Roulette. Kimm and Jim left, and Ron and the others kept going. Ron was fatally wounded when he pulled the trigger. I went to see Dawn Greene for that is where it happened. I tried to comfort her, but all I could do was cry. I just got up and walked away. It took me a long time before I cried after I had heard the bad news. But when I did, my body shook. If only it were not true. But it is, and it can’t be undone. What else can I say? I really liked him. In a way I loved him. And now his is gone, and I’ll never have a chance to tell him. Life is too short; his life was way too short. Pres. Phipps of U.P.S. told us to remember the years 2025 the year we retire and 2035 the year we die. [I have 25 years to go as of this posting!] Ronnie’s years were 2030 and 2040. He died too young. Just too young…

Wednesday, September 10, 1975 – 9:50PM – Woke up with a terrible sore throat. Went to see the doctor at Health Service. My uvula was very swollen. I thought it was my tonsils. I am glad it wasn’t. I could see myself having my tonsils out and losing all those days of school. Went to my first Lab. Class today. Was very slow in picking up techniques. Also in spotting and seeing things I was supposed to…

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