College days — so long ago!

Monday, September 1, 1975

8:35 PMI have arrived at the University of Puget Sound.  And to tell the truth, I am scared to death. My roommate’s name is John Jamieson.  He seems to be friendly.  He is from San Gabriel, Calif. We had our first meeting on the floor. We have people of every background and race.  Already there is a party (kegger) tonight.  I have no desire to start drinking. I just hope I can keep my guard.  When I arrived this afternoon, I found the room to be smaller than expected.  But, I found a place for everything.  Think I’ll do some reading then take a nap.  Am very tired…  


Tuesday, September 2, 1975, 8:20 AM – Got up at 7 am went to breakfast at 7:45.  We had cereal.  This suited me fine. 5:56 PM Met Mrs. Solie and 19 other advisees to her.  She talked with us for an hour and a half.  We then went and took some tests.  I tried to define 100 words in 10 minutes.  I got to word 57.  Of course, I guessed at a few.  I finished all questions of the reading comprehension test. Then came math.  Boy, am I short in math.  A few of the questions were beyond my ability.  I forgot steps in solving others.  We then wrote an essay.  I hope my piece meets the requirements for qualifying as an essay…


Wednesday, September 3, 1975, 11:01 AM– Took a tour of the campus today.  Found out where almost everything is. Met President Phibbs in his beautiful house.  He told us to broaden our foundation is through learning so that we have many options when we leave.  Also, we were to remember the year 2025 the year we retire and 2035 the year we die. Have not yet decided what my schedule will be.  (That looks like I haven’t decided on my plan for retirement and dying.)


Thursday, September 4, 1975Went to registration at 10 AM.  Had no trouble registering for any of the classes I wanted.  I then waited until my 1 PM meeting with Mrs. Solie.  This is my schedule: 8 AM M, T 110 Discussion for Introduction to Economics 9 AM M, T, TH, and F 101b IntroTo economics 10 AM M, T, TH, F; Biology 101d, 1 PM Principals of Accounting 110 M, T, TH, F; Biology 101d Lab W, 2 PM; Intermediate Algebra 101 M, T, TH, F… Went to meet Ms. Solie, she did not make it (car trouble.)  Left for home.  Arrived in Neah Bay at 6 PM.  Stopped in PA to see Orthodontist.  Decided to get braces in Tacoma.


Friday, September 5, 1975Letter arrived from B.I.A., my funding has come through! Watched H.S. turnout.  Looks promising but may have trouble working as a team.  Too many leaders.  Went to Clallam to withdraw my savings to bring to Tacoma.  Played tennis at the base with Mike, Dave, and Judy.

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