August 5, 1981

August 5, 1981

A lot has happened since the last entry on January 22, 1979. It’s been over two years since I last wrote in this journal. Even trying to make a list of all that has happened in two years will take a long time. It will give me a base to work from, to try to catch up, so at least it’s a starting point. Number one on my list is Robin Olson. She will be my bride on May 8, 1982. We have been going with each other for a little over a year now and were engaged download (1)in February. She is the most positive influence that has entered my life in these past two years. I will have a lot of fun writing about this aspect of my life.

Other events to discuss include 2.) The second trip to Hawaii. 3.) Ascending to Finance Officer 4.) The Rise and Fall of Bender Johnson, Jr. 5.) the 7 – 3 Red Devils 6.) Matt Kallappa’s Senior year 7.) Girls go to state in basketball 8.) Danny Greene and the Weight room 9.) Dwayne Johnson — summer guest 10.) Ron Johnson, my Best Man 11.) A weekend in Seattle, with the whole family 12.) The Thunderbird Resort 13.) Leonard Dwayne — Olivia Jade

Before starting to write about what’s on my list, I would like to make some revisions to my funeral plans. I would want to change who my Pallbearers would be. I would like to have as active Pallbearers, Dwayne Johnson, Coach Ron Johnson, Danny Greene, Mike Parker, Rory Vogel, and Jim Jarrett. Honorary Pallbearers would be Steve Cunningham, Davey Whitener, Uncle Gene Parker, Leonard Zenonian and Kimm Brown. I will leave it up to the family to choose anyone else at this time. Of course, anyone listed previously would be acceptable.  (Those struck through have died.  At some point I’ll update this list again with substitutes for them, and replacements for Davey and Kimm.)

With Polly Irving dying so suddenly and now Ron Martinson, I feel that I need to put these desires on paper. I don’t want my family making a lot of painful decisions. I hope that this will help make this a little easier.

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January 30, 1980 –

January 30, 1980 –
On Wednesday of the following week, Mel was told be Steve that he would be working Sunday so he couldn’t make the trip. This left me with a ticket and no one to use it for the second straight game. I didn’t look for someone else to use it which was fortunate since I ran into Steve Saturday night and he told me that they had not worked during the day because some of the others were drinking. He decided he’d go whether or not the others worked Sunday.
The scheduled start of the game was 6 PM. We left at 9 AM and were planning to return that night. We had a long trip in store for us. With the Hood Canal Bridge gone, the usual 3 hour trip to Seattle became 5 to 6 hours. We were going to catch the Fauntleroy Ferry download(9)to West Seattle. I really wasn’t sure where it was so we decided to go to the Bremerton Ferry. That route would have us waiting for a little under an hour for the ferry and being that close to Tacoma I decided just to make the drive around.

The road was being heavily traveled at the time. Just before the long turn before the Narrows Bridge, I decided to go around a slow moving vehicle, I looked in the mirror, saw nothing, turned on my blinker and began moving into the left lane. All of a sudden a horn blew, and there was a camper pulling a boat that I almost side swiped. I could not believe I did not see it.

In Tacoma on sixth avenue, I was looking around for an open gas station. In doing so, I almost back ended another vehicle. How embarrassing, two near accidents within minutes. Later on, I ran over a curb. It wasn’t my best driving day. I told Steve that he’d probably never want to ride with me again.

What I looked forward to on this trip was the chance to sit down and talk. It was so hot though that we had all the windows open, (my care had not AC) so to be heard we practically had to yell. I had extra trouble understanding him because he has such a low pitched voice. Most of the talk into Seattle was small talk. We talked a lot about football, pro, college, my playing days, and his playing days and this season. He wanted to play, to make it to the download (9)in the worst way. Otherwise what we said wasn’t earth-shattering.

We arrived in Seattle 3 hours early. Steve wanted to go to the Seattle Athletic Supply to pick up some equipment. Being Sunday, I figured it would be closed. I was right, it was closed. We ran down and parked the car by the ferries, walked around, walked back to the car to get the binoculars and we headed for the Kingdome.

While waiting for the gates to open the Dallas Cowboys showed up; Roger Staubachdownload (10) wasn’t among them, or we just didn’t see him. I wasn’t able to identify any of the rest of the team. Steve, on the other hand, was naming them off left and right. We finally got inside and started the long climb up to my third deck seats. Before sitting down we both bought hot dogs and cokes, it wasn’t much of a dinner, especially for the price.

I don’t remember any details of the game, except that Seattle won, a sweet baptism for national TV. At games end, we made the long walk back to the car. We purchased tickets for the Bremerton Ferry and got in line for an expected one hour wait. Steve went over to Ivars to buy himself a “real” dinner. Unfortunately, while Steve was at Ivars, the Ferry system decided to add an extra run to Bremerton with the Ferry from the Winslow run. They started loading 35 minutes earlier than scheduled. Steve was nowhere to be seen.

Another 5 minutes passed, and the ferry was running out of cars to load. When this happens, they usually take off. Finally, there came Stevie running across the parking lot with 2 dinners. Even though I had told him no, he bought me a meal anyway. Steve also spilled coke into one and soaked the fries. He insisted that I take the dinner with the cola free fries. I diplomatically ate the fish and a few chips and let him have the majority of the fries. At least we got on the ferry and were able to eat our dinner in peace.

When I finished eating, I went upstairs to get a cup of coffee. While standing in line, this little girl grabbed on to my pants leg. She wouldn’t look up, she was content to hold onto me, thinking that I was her dad. I didn’t know what to do, her mother noticed, smiled, I smiled back, and the little girl finally looked up at her mom. Her mom pointed up at me and quick as a wink she let go. The mother and I chuckled, and the girl got quite red with embarrassment. I got my coffee and walked down tot he car. Steve had gotten out to dump the garbage.

I sat back and drank my coffee. When it was drained, I tried to sleep a bit in preparation for the long drive I had in front of me. We got off the ferry, okay, but I got lost trying to find the way out of Bremerton. It wasn’t marked well. Luckily we got on the right road and lost only 15 minutes of travel time.

The ride was more pleasant this time; it was a quiet night, still and peaceful along the canal with very little traffic. With the windows rolled up it was a lot easier to talk and hear each other. The only thing I remember of this conversation was our lengthy discussion of daytime soaps. Steve had gotten hooked on them during his stay at the hospital. I had been watching the Young & the Restlessdownload (11) for a long time.

Unfortunately, Steve tried to stay up and keep me company. I should have told him to sleep if he wanted to. I regret that I did not, and the poor guy suffered through the long dreary drive home. It was almost 4 AM before we got home, it had been a long, but enjoyable day.
10) This trip with Steve was the culmination of my attempt to become better friends with him. The previous efforts consisted of taking him out to the base to play tennis. The first trip was made just before we went to Hawaii. Steve, as in his other athletic endeavors was a natural in tennis. He hit a couple of balls over the fence, but in no time at all he had me running all over the court. It was a great work out for me. Steve was so intense in trying to learn he may have been too self-conscious when he hit the ball awry.

I needed a little ego boosting in tennis. I had taken a tennis course for beginners at U.P.S. in the spring. I was quite proud of myself when I pulled an A- out of the class. She had told us that only players with an “A” were recommended for the intermediate level. In the course, I had not lost a match. I worked on my game and had fun doing it.

I laid off a month before getting the chance to play tennis again. Melonee asked me to go out and hit the ball around awhile. I agreed so off we went. We volleyed it around when this tall, skinny GI who had a thing for Mel asked to play doubles. Valerie Scott was with us. No one said no, so he joined us. We played a set, Mel and I won. Pat asked if I wanted to play singles, Mel and Val urged me on so play I did. I was going to show off my newly acquired skills. I lost 6 – 0 and lost my ego.

The second and last trip to the courts was potentially explosive. Dan Martilla and Pat Schneider (the tall, skinny, GI) were on the court. Steve and I sat in my car. Steve wanted me to go out and join them while he watched. Dan and Pat wanted to know if Steve and I wanted to play doubles. Steve accepted reluctantly. The story behind the lines was that Dan was the guy his girlfriend had gone out with when she and Steve had split up. Steve wanted a fight, I’m not sure Dan didn’t. Steve was on the court for only the second time. They tried to embarrass him. I seethed inside. They must have hit 75% of the shots his way. Dan certainly was giving Steve 90 % of his shots. They put English on the ball and Steve would miss a mile. Steve stayed cool considering the circumstances. Again Steve’s natural athletic ability showed through. He was able to pick up any shot they tossed at him after awhile. We played a set, Steve learned serving on the spot. We lost the game, but for the first time ever we were teammates.

I didn’t learn about Dan’s relationship with Lois until after the set. Steve mentioned it to me as we drove back into Neah Bay. I had put him on the spot, and he got through it without blinking an eyelash. Since then we’ve probably said no more than “hi” in passing. At least no one can say that I didn’t try to become better friends.

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January 22, 1980 – The Champs arrive

January 22, 1980 –
When the team came back, the plane landed at SeaTac Airport. th(13)Estimates ran anywhere from 10,000 – 30,000 in attendance to greet the Sonics. It was sweltering, with a couple of people giving out to the heat. The team, the coaches, the owners were all smiles. Everyone said a few words, and there was on a few words said. No one on the team was a great speechmaker.
The parade was watched by an estimated 250,000 fans. The parade th (10)route was surrounded by a wall of people. A few people from Neah Bay made the trip to Seattle to see the parade. There were so many people, though that glimpses of the team were ‘bout all they got for their travel. They also felt that even with only this small look the trip was worth it.

While the parade was a great outpouring of support, it seemed maybe a little contrived. Keys to the city were offered to the team, after all, it seemed they “owned” the city. Speeches were made all ‘round. And the gold championship trophy was given a great showing. Even better than the parade may have been the celebration beginning the night of the final win. People were riding through the streets honking, yelling, screaming, “We’re #1!” The raised index finger was seen everywhere the TV cameras went. This celebrating was more fun to watch, to participate in.



7) Valerie Scott was selected to represent Neah Bay at the annual Clallam County Fair. FairThe Fair had been a sore spot in Neah Bay for a couple of reasons. It was a litter sorer later on. The Fair used to be held on the same weekend as Makah Days. We would not change the date of our celebration because of the history of the existence of Makah Days. I guess the fair did the same because of their tradition, but they finally gave in and celebrated their fair a week earlier. This eliminated sore spot number one.
The second sore spot came about a couple of years ago when the Fair decided that they wanted their Queen to be a member of the 4-H Club. This effectively eliminated Neah Bay and Clallam Bay from the contest. This decision was finally reversed, but it left a bad aftertaste.

When Valerie was selected, it was felt that she had an excellent chance to win. The last girl to win from Neah Bay was Cheryl Gorss. The previous Makah to win was Patty Smiley. The fair was celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Queen selecting, or something of this sort and had invited past queens to return for a reunion. They would also choose the next queen. Therefore, Patty Smiley, Valerie’s “Auntie” was a judge.

The night of the coronation finally arrived, and a good contingent from Neah Bay populated the grandstands waiting in anticipation for the festivities to take place. We had to suffer through a country western band. (I have grown to like country music) But we suffered through it in silence, with even a bit of foot tapping to the foot stomping music. The waiting can be unbearable. My sister Lynn lost out in 1968, but I was too young to attend. My cousin Maria also lost a couple of years back, so the town and our family were looking forward to a winner.

Valerie chose her brother Russell to be her escort, and this brought a bit of embarrassment on Russ’s part on stage. Russ was to have stood behind a chair that Valerie was to be seated in. Instead of stepping behind the chair he went in front leaving Val standing in impatience while he corrected his error. It did bring a bright smile from Russ, though the red face reflected his embarrassment.

I personally felt that there was no way Val could lose when I saw all of the candidates. Everyone else thought that the competition was the blonde from Sequim. When she became the 1st runner-up, our section breathed easier. Val won hands down. And while she was crowned Queen of Clallam County, her grandmother listened from her hospital room. It was a very gratifying week.

8) After the evenings’ festivities, I was to take off for home. Brian Scott had ridden in with me, but he slept almost the entire hour and a half. We arrived early and had to kill nearly 2 hours before the coronation began. Brian decided to stay, but Russell decided he wanted to go home, being the only available transportation he went back with me.

I mentioned Russell’s enthusiasm for football earlier. He was going to help the team with this alone. He wanted to win, he hated to lose, and it was a very positive attitude. Hopefully, it would be infectious. More about the football season later. This would be the first time I got a chance to talk to Russ, to find out who he is. It was an informative ride.

A little background is necessary before I get into the conversation. Russell became President of a group calling themselves the “Hell Raisers.” Some of their alleged members included Dobe Lyons, Lester Moore, Joe Ware, JR Johnson and John Haupt to name a few notable members. Some of the stunts they pulled may have included smashing of windshields of those jury members who put Dobe in jail. That is, it was alleged that the Hell Raisers were doing these deeds. Other than this rather sick display, other stunts were spraying painting their names all over and dropping their pants in public places. There was a streaking incident in front of Polly (McCarty) Thompson, and Marsha McGee reports being mooned by both Haupt and Dobe. Although the latter “pranks” seem harmless enough, if true, they too can be classified as sick.

These things were happening to a pretty good regularity until about mid-summer. Dobe had moved into the home of George and Rita Kallappa. With this, he became saved. Soon to follow suit was John, Les, and Russell, to be followed later by Brian Gagnon among others. They all now regularly attend the Assembly of God Church. The gang remains, but what they do no longer is quite as severe or occurs as often as before.

Val and Yo, sisters, talked about their brothers being saved. He reportedly asked them to turn off their records, the Bee Gees download (10)at the time because he called them the work of the devil. I admit Val & Yo may have overreacted and made this up or at least overstated it, but some of the stories seem plausible. He, Russell attended many Church Camps, and turning to religion may indeed be saved.

At least his life has been turned around. He had become one of the unfavorite persons in the family. His grandmother did not want him in her house. His Uncle warned him that if they ever bothered Kitty, he would not think twice about taking a gun after them. It finally reached the point where somebody retaliated and smashed in Haupt’s back window. The smell of fear was in the air, where would it end?

Is there a chance that these “boys” could have made a 180° turn as it appeared they did? It seemed very possible to me after talking with Russell for about 45 minutes that night after his sister became Clallam County Queen. I can’t recall what he said verbatim, but I do know that I was very impressed with where his head is at.
First of all, he told me that he had sworn off drinking. That in itself was an important step. The conversation progressed from there. I sure wish I had sat down and written about it when it happened. I’ve missed an essential discussion due to a lack of memory.

9) I’m going to regress a bit from the time of the above conversation to a Sunday spent with Stevie Cunningham. At the beginning of this notebook, I wrote a couple of pages about a conversation I had with Steve when he was in the hospital. I stated that he impressed me with his outlook on his attitude, with the person he showed me that he was. In stating that I wished him to be a pallbearer I said that we weren’t really close friends and that I hoped that this would change. The phone conservation as a step in that direction. A second came on August 12, 1979. (I was typing this on August 12, 1998).

I purchased two season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks. The first game was with the Minnesota Vikings. Greg Arnold attended that game with me. The next home game was the Dallas Cowboysdownload (11), a Sunday evening game that was televised nationally by ABC, i.e., Howard Cosell; knowing full well that Steve was a Dallas fan I asked if he wanted to go.

I was at T-Bird when he and some other members of the football team dropped in. It was quite late as I recall. He talked to Ron about his knee and his progress in rehabilitating it. Steve wasn’t satisfied that it had progressed at all. Ron had him lay on the floor, and he ran the knee through a couple of tests. By this time there was only the three of us. Steve was getting ready to leave after Coach outlined a series of exercises for his knee when he asked Coach for change so he could buy pop in the machine outside. As Ron got some change from the till he asked Steve if he knew he walked in his sleep; Steve was not aware of anything about this. Coach told him that on a couple of occasions he’s seen Steve leave his trailer walk over to the pop machine buy a soda and go back, all the while being dressed only in his jockey shorts. Steve, as I was, was trying to figure out if Coach was telling a story or telling the truth. With Coach, you can’t say sometimes. Being undecided and rapidly turning red, all Steve could say was, “Really? Just my shorts?” Ron assured him that it was true. A very embarrassed Steve Cunningham left T-Bird.

I left at the same time, and before he started across the street, I asked if he wanted to go. He said yes if he wasn’t working that day.


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January 10, 1980  — Sonics continued



January 10, 1980



Paul Silas images (4)was a key in the Sonics comeback against Phoenix.  The Sonics lost on Thursday, May 17, 1979, (my 22nd birthday) the fifth game of the series to go down three games to two.  I had driven to PA to watch Mel run in the sub-district track meet.  We then watched the game in Ron and Julie’s room at the Red Lion Inn.  The Sonics had taken the lead but blew it.  Losing at home was a no-no, with the next game at Phoenix.  It was Mother’s day.  I watched the game with Mom, Lynn, Dale, Mary, and Patty.  We came from behind to win by a point, but not before Garfield Heard took a last-second shot that would have won the game and the series.  It was back to the Kingdome for the seventh and deciding game. images (5)

It was funny because during the middle of the game I went outside to get some air.  There wasn’t a soul to see.  No cars, no walkers, not even any kids playing, the town as quiet, outside.  Inside fan after Sonic fan was screaming for a Sonic win.  Those in our house were.

I did get to go to the third game of the series.  Patty Smiley got a ticket from George Bowechop, and she took me to the game for a birthday present.

They won this game handily, and they won the seventh game to take the series 4 –3.  The rematch with the Washington Bullets was on.

The championship series was a breeze, but the victory celebrations after were something to behold.

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December 4, 1979 – The World Champion Seattle Supersonics

December 4, 1979

6) The World Champion Seattle Supersonics – The Seattle Supersonics took 4 out of 5 games from the Washington Bullets to win the NBA Championship for the ’78 – ’79 download (9)season. A year before they had lost to these same Bullets one year earlier. The Sonics lost the first gem in DC on a questionable referees call. Dennis Johnson was called for a foul with no time remaining and the player fouled made 2 shots at the free throw line to win the game. The Sonics then won the next four in a row to put it away. The final game was played on the Friday of the Grand Opening of the Museum Opening. I skipped the festivities to watch the ball game. I made the right choice.

The Sonics almost didn’t make it into the final series. They went 7 games against the Suns and only won the sixth game when Garfield Heard missed a last-second shot.

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Wednesday, November 14, 1979 – Hawaii

Wednesday, November 14, 1979 –

5) A week in Hawaii. After a week in Everett, a week in Hawaii was a Godsend. We returned from Everett on Friday night. We painted our house that weekend, I was back in the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday it was off to

Mom and Dad gave Mel and I this trip with them to Hawaii as graduation gifts, her from high school, me from College. Actually, on Thursday, it was off only to as far as Tacoma. We were up early Friday morning and at the airport an hour earlier than our flight. We were flying Continental and had been assured at least three times that we were taking a 747. At the time of our vacation, all DC 10’s had been grounded. So, on three occasions we called to make sure that our flight was not a DC 10.

I can’t tell you how upset we were to find our flight had been canceled because it was a DC 10. download (4)We met this family from Canada who was also said that the plane was on a 747. Somebody seemed to be stringing us along. We were told that the only thing we could do was to go on standby with another airline. Braniff filled right away, so we tried Northwest Airlines.

At the NW check-in desk, we were told that there was a good chance we could get on and that we should at least check in our luggage. We sent Mom to the loading gate while Dad, Mel and I checked in the bags. The three of us then left for the loading gates. I didn’t get through the metal detector and had to empty my pockets. I passed the test, and we got into the subway. When the subway ride ended, we took 3 sets of escalators before reaching Mom sanding in line. It was a least a ten minute trip from the desk to the loading gate.

We stood in line for about 10 minutes when Dad asked Mom for the tickets. Mom didn’t have them. They both checked everything they had, every pocket, no tickets. Dad was sent back to the front desk to go look for the tickets. When he arrived back at the counter the woman, who had assisted us had gone on a break. Dad asked the new man at the table to please get her so we could find our tickets. He wouldn’t do it, but Dad kept asking him until he gave in.

The woman came back, and she insisted that she had handed the tickets back to Dad. At any rate, the tickets were not to be found at the desk. Dad walked back to the loading area to talk to Mom about what they were going to have to do. He had been gone for a half an hour and when he returned there was no line to wait in. They realized that they no longer had any tickets and they headed back to the front desk to find out what could be done. It looked like we would miss the 10:00 AM NW flight and would be delayed until the 1:45 PM Braniff.

At the front desk, a gentleman had brought back our tickets. The woman had indeed handed back our airline tickets, she just didn’t hand them back to Dad. Just as Mom and Dad got to the desk, they were getting ready to page Dad and inform him that his elusive tickets had finally shown up. Mom and Dad grabbed the tickets and ran.

Mel and I were standing by the booth. They started to hand our gate passes when Mom and Dad came back. Just before the finished one of the ticket handlers called the front desk and told them to close the flight. Mom thought this meant we could not get on as she stepped away. Mel grabbed her arm and gently pushed her forward and told her to ask anyway. Mom held out her tickets, the handler took them and asked where we’d like to sit. We got on the plane and were in the air only 1:15 later than expected. We were on our way to Hawaii.

It was a very long and somewhat disappointing plane ride. Since we were so late getting seats, our choice of seating wasn’t the best. Mel and I sat together in the middle aisle seats, while Mom and Dad were a section back. It was cloudy the whole flight download (5)which was depressing. I thought we’d get a break from the clouds when the move came on. The break we got, unfortunately, the movie was a real turkey. “Who’s Killing All the Chef’s of Europe,” was the title of this supposed comedy. It was so sorry that I went to sleep in the middle of it. We had breakfast on the plane, at least that’s what I thought it was. There were eggs, sausage, and potatoes. The potatoes were inedible, while the eggs and sausage had hardly any taste at all and the taste was displeasing.

I finally started reading the book I bought while I was waiting in the airport. It was called the 92364Eye of the Needle. It was okay for a novel about a German Spy in England during WW II. The plot was very predictable, and at times it was gory. It was at least something to pass the time.

We finally arrived at the Honolulu airport at around 12:00 noon to 1 PM Hawaii Time. With the time change, we actually landed only 2 hours after we left. Melonee was disappointed because the airplane unloaded from a ramp between plane and terminal instead of out in the open as seen on TV. And there was no one handing out leis’ which was very disappointing. There was a place to buy them, but they were too expensive.

We flagged down a taxi that took us to our hotel in Waikiki. We stayed at the Holiday Isles. It was pleasant enough, but it wasn’t what I expected. Our room was too small for four people to live comfortably in. Fortunately, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the room together.

I can’t recite all the events that took place in order while we were there. So, I’ll just try to run through them as I remember them. One day was spent making a tour of the island by bus. We were supposed to take one bus for half of the island, debark, eat a meal, embark on another bus and see the other side. We had a lovely lunch at his really posh resort. It was so posh that had I worn a tuxedo in the place I still would have felt uncomfortably underdressed. Walking in wearing shorts was downright embarrassing. The menu was expensive with no hamburgers, so I had a turkey sandwich. After lunch, we walked about and then went to the bus stop and got on the wrong bus which took us back the same way we came. I had a nice long nap on the trip back.

We spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. download (6)We learned about the cultures and customs of about 6 different island peoples. We saw a show at noon and another after dinner. These were the highlights of the day. The beauty, the rhythm of the dance and music, the kaleidoscope of the color of the native dress. It was all so well done if not over staged. Otherwise, the day was long and hot with no air conditioning anywhere. I think it was almost worth going to. We rented a car and drove out, again we faced a long drive home, and I had a nice long nap.

We spent 2 days on download (8)Makaha beach. The first day was with Mom and Dad when we drove out. It was the hottest day we spent there. It was sunny on that side of the island that day. The greenish-blue water was just beautiful. We swam in this water, the only time we did swim. The second time we went, Mel and I went by bus. We spent too much time in the sun, and I got burnt to a crisp. I actually blistered. Fortunately, I sunburned the day before we left, so I wasn’t miserable the whole vacation. Makaha was beautiful being the most beautiful beach, and the most prominent beach by far. Because of this and the name, we made 2 trips to the Makaha beach.

The beaches at Waikiki were small and crowded. I would have loved staying there for a month to look at the people. No one wanted to go to the nude beach, I can’t imagine why. They even had a Miss Nude Hawaii contest, and I missed it. I read an ad about this in the paper. What struck me funny was that in the announcement it stated children under 18 allowed in if accompanied by an adult.

We saw Don Ho hos_hawaiiand his almost required show. It was pretty good, even though we were one of the firsts in line and still got stuck with bad seats. Mel and I saw Rocky II, The Champ, The Main Event and the Muppet Movie.

We left Hawaii just after 12:00 noon, but by the time we arrived in Seattle, it was after nine PM.  Five hours of flying and three hours time difference took a toll on our day. This trip was a little more interesting on the way back. The food was as bad as ever. The movie was Every Which Way but Loose, which was okay, not the best I’ve seen. We played gin rummy with our seat partner whose name was Jeff. Jeff looked a lot like Bruce Bochte. He whooped us, to begin with, but I ended up winning the game. I think Mel fell in love. Jeff didn’t even say ‘bye when we disembarked. We spent the night in Seattle and were on our way to Neah Bay the next day. Our heavenly week in Hawaii came to an end.

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November 8, 1979 – A job! Mel’s graduation, a business trip to Everett

November 8, 1979

2) Getting a job – Getting a job really was no problem at all. I had a job waiting for me in the accounting department of the Makah Tribal (4) I reported for work on Tuesday morning, May 29th, 1979. I filled out all the required forms with the personnel department. I then went upstairs to the accounting offices. I cleared off the old green desk and made myself at home. It took me two weeks to get a status form; otherwise, I had no problems at all. I became second in line of authority in our staff of six.

3) The week after I graduated, Melonee graduated. Melonee was Valedictorian of her class, so she had a speech to deliver. She graduated in a class of eight, 4 boys, 4 girls. Besides Mel, there was Lawanda Johnson, Debbie Cooke, download (5)Trish Meadows, Lester Moore, Mark Ray, Russell Martilla and Bill Roche. Russell opened the evening with the flag salute. Trish followed with a poem. She started the tears rolling. Lawanda followed with the class history and kept the tears running. There was a break when Salutatorian Bill Roche gave his speech. It was well done. Melonee followed with a nicely delivered speech, which also helped tears flow. I was so proud of her. She did so much a better job than I. Len Zenonian, and Deloris Rice were the guest speakers, Mr. Z ended his speech reciting Desirata.

Mr. Loveland gave honorary degrees to Ruth Claplanhoo and Helen Peterson. This was a nice gesture on his part. Finally, the diplomas were handed out. Lester Moore introduced each graduate, while Russ introduced Les when it came to Les’s turn. We then retired to the Multi-purpose images (3)room where we got the chance to shake hands with each graduate.
When we finished the reception, it was off to the Senior Party. Usually, this wouldn’t affect me, but this time the party was in our house. The hard stuff was broken out right away. The beer came out later, but there was a problem with this. They had two kegs, but no spigot to get the beer out. After an hour one finally showed up, only to have a wait of almost another hour to get it working. The juices did flow that evening. One of the first to go out, to get snockered was one of Mel’s classmates younger brother. He was one of the few really young students who arrived in who shouldn’t have.

Dale and I were the only ones who were over 21 in the house. All fingers would have pointed at us had there been any raids. There was a dance at the Hall also, so about 12 midnight the house cleared for nearly an hour. It didn’t take long for the party to get back in full swing once everyone returned. This time we kept out all of those who were too young. We also had to turn away some who were too old. We tried to keep it to Seniors and their closest friends. The poor younger brother of a classmate tried to get in 6 times before Alan Greene finally talked him into leaving.

We didn’t have very many problems at all. Russell Scott was almost fighting with someone about the Hell Raisers. That didn’t last long, and the participants cooled off right away. The only other worry we had was to get the people out the door before they passed out. Only Debbie Cooke and Yak Parker spent the night. At 5 AM only Barry Mack, Darrell Markishtum and I were left awake. We played blackjack for about a half an hour when I saw Darrell’s parent’s car drive by. I figured they were looking for him, so I sent him home. Barry left soon after that.

Mel and  got pretty cozy with someone who she says is “just friends.” They were sound asleep when we tried to find a camera to get a picture of our “just friends.” They woke up before we got a chance. Mel had to do an ugly thing out the glass doors. When she finished, she went back to sleep.

The only exciting thing that happened to me was that one of Mel’s classmates practically proposed to me. She was well out of it when she called me over. I was told about her having a crush on me. From there she went on and on until she practically asked me to marry her. She passed out soon after. I don’t know if it was from drinking or me. I was in bed by 6:00 AM, up by 7:30 AM and at work by 8:10 AM, looking like I was hung over.

4) A week in Everett seemed like at least a month. We were there for a workshop in central accounting for Tribal organizations. The Social Development Corporation Indian Management Institute sponsored the seminar. The instructors were Paul Moore on Level I and Dennis Overby in Level II. That’s why we were there.

I drove there with Kathy Ward and Pat Greene. We drove via thedownload (6) Pt. Townsend to Keystone and Clinton to Mulkiteo ferries. When you get off the Mulkiteo ferry, you are almost in Everett. We were staying at the Everett Holiday Inn. We figured the Everett Holiday Inn would be in Everett. That was our first mistake. The second mistake was letting me help guide the way. We had a tour of Everett for about 90 minutes. At one point in downtown Everett, I was in a phone booth looking for an address, when I returned to my car, I told Pat to start memorizing the streets as we drove by. She said okay when we got back on the road I found that the streets were numbered. Fig29
We finally found our hotel and got checked in. I told Kathy and Pat to call when they went to dinner. Even though they wanted to eat Chinese food I had to eat somewhere. After about two hours of waiting, I finally called their room. They were not in, so I decided to take a walk through the place to see if they were doing the same. Finally, I checked the parking lot to find Kathy’s car missing. They left without me not even having the courtesy to call me.

On the way back to the room I ran into Kibby. She had been waiting for Mary Ann Martin to show. They were supposed to go to dinner together. She was hungry enough not to wait anymore so she asked me if I’d go with her to the Black Angus. images (4)We took a roundabout route to get there. While we anticipated being seated Joe and Mary Ann walked out to leave. We had a lovely dinner, and afterward, we went back to the motel where we retired to our own rooms. I read a little and went to sleep.

The next morning, class started at nine. Kib and I were in Level II, Kathy and Pat in Level I. We took a test that I scored a perfect 100% on. After introducing ourselves to each other Dennis had us each read out loud a part of the introduction. He told us it was to kill time.

At lunchtime, I found out Kathy had spent 30 minutes calling the wrong room #. She figured I was either on the toilet or was out wandering around. After 30 minutes, they felt I couldn’t still be in the bathroom, so they took off. I took them to the Black Angus Monday night. Wednesday night we went to see The In-Laws, download (7) a movie with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin that was genuinely funny. This was just about the only highlight of the week.

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